SELLERS Donated 300,000 Yuan to Support Autistic Families

On April 27th, the “Running Together in the Wind” Caring for People with Mental Disorders Interesting Competition was organized in Jinhui Town, Moon Lake. Haiying Chen, Vice President of Ningbo Charity Federation, attended the competition and delivered a speech. Jolin Zhu, Assistant President of Sellers Union Group, representative of the co-organizer, attended the competition and donated 300,000 yuan in cash on behalf of the Group.

Before the start of the competition, Haiying Chen, Vice President of Ningbo Charity Federation, delivered a speech on site. She stated that the purpose of this competition was to further educate the public about people with mental disabilities, call on the whole society to provide them with more care, help special groups integrate into the society, and convey the great love of Ningbo.

Subsequently, Jolin Zhu, the Assistant President of Sellers Union Group, the representative of the co-organizing unit for this competition, announced the start of the competition with the heads of 8 other relevant enterprises and units. More than 130 volunteers cooperated with 28 families of people with mental disabilities to complete 8 fun projects, including calligraphy, windmill making, architectural puzzles and football shooting.

Sellers Union Group recruited experienced volunteers to form a volunteer team in advance, and actively provided on-site service guarantees such as attendance guidance, material distribution, and prize distribution for the competition, which provided thoughtful and considerate support for people with mental disabilities to complete and enjoy the competition.

At the on-site donation ceremony, Sellers Union Group, as a member unit of Ningbo Autistic Family Support Center, donated 300,000 yuan to Ningbo Autistic Family Support Center to support the center in providing services to families with mental disorders by donating 100,000 yuan every year. Since 2015, the Group has established a charity fund called “Warm Breeze” for special groups such as families with lost children and children with autism, actively participating in volunteer training, psychological assistance, medical care, social activities and other public welfare work. Since 2018, the Group has organized volunteers to participate in the Ningbo Autistic Family Children’s Care Charity Activities every year. As of 2024, a total of 700,000 yuan has been donated.

Sellers Union Group has always adhered to actively taking social responsibilities and participating in public welfare undertakings. With a sense of mission, the Group will continue to convey the concept of “Being Kind to Others” and participate in more charitable activities.