MORGIANA Donated 200 Stainless Steel Food Thermos Flasks to the Elderly in Hong Kong

In a heartwarming gesture ahead of the National Day, Ningbo MORGIANA generously donated seven cartons of stainless steel food thermos flasks to the elderly in Hong Kong.The donation, amounting to 200 thermos flasks, is aimed at providing comfort and convenience to the elderly residents of Hong Kong.

The 200 stainless steel food thermos are designed to efficiently maintain food temperature, ensuring that the elderly can enjoy hot and nourishing meals even when they are unable to consume them immediately. With its durable and high-quality materials, the thermos is a practical and long-lasting solution to meet the needs of the elderly population in Hong Kong

The company’s donation highlights not only their commitment to corporate social responsibility but also their dedication to improving the overall quality of life for elderly individuals. It serves as a reminder of the significance of community support and the power of small acts of kindness, particularly towards those who are most vulnerable.

Ningbo Morgiana remains dedicated to making a positive impact in society and hopes that their donation will bring comfort and warmth to the elderly residents of Hong Kong.